What do we do and can we do?

Working with Business & Industry to improve engagement with Indigenous people and community

Jobs & Mentoring

We also work to mentor staff, service providers and organisations when it comes to engagement with community, being healthy and well at work and supporting Indigenous employees in the workplace. Babana works to provide support to your Indigenous and non Indigenous workforce when it comes to ensuring they are well, healthy at work and are supported when it comes to working with the community. We also work with organisational service providers and suppliers when it comes to better understanding the needs of community and how they can better engage, work with and understand the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Our Indigenous mentoring program sits at the very heart of what we do. Our program is about identifying the small and large challenges job-seekers face and working to overcome them. In our experience the best outcome is to focus time and effort on addressing those things that prohibit people from being fully productive in an employment sense. If you would like to more information on how our mentoring program, please contact us. In addition to work with Job Active organisations, Babana Employment also works with Government, business and industry on internally developed and tailored mentoring programs. We believe there is a road and path for all of our people when it comes to jobs and employment.


We all know the challenges of retaining staff and that’s why our tailor built “Yabber” program could be perfect for you. The first part of the program is where we work with job seekers, job active providers and employers when it comes to retention once someone has been placed into work. This comes as part of our mentoring program and has proven to be effective time and time again.

The second part of the program is where we touch base with your Indigenous staff members once a month just to check on them, see how they are going and really just connect – in many ways its just a one on one to provide your team members with a little one on one time. The third part of the program is where we invite each of your team members into what we call “the circle” which is a gathering of all of our Indigenous teaming members at our location (which can hold as many as 150 people) – here we inspire each other hear from guest speakers and talk about how the month has been. Our Yabber program is all about motivating and inspiring your team members to be all they can be within your organisation or business. Sometimes retention of staff members can feel as if you’re climbing a stair well that doesn’t end. With Babana there to help and support you every floor we reach is a new opportunity for you and your team!


Here at Babana we have a number of registered candidates across a multitude of skills sets, training levels and with both detailed and entry level experience – in fact if we don’t already have someone in mind for the role you have we can find them through our networks and partnerships. Primarily the industry sectors we focus on when it comes to talent are:

  • Transport, logistics and supply chain
  • Infrastructure and construction
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Office administration and contact centre
  • Light industrial and manufacturing
  • Government roles
  • Social and community services
  • Aged care and the National Disability Services Scheme